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Machete Mayhem

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the Killer Art Show on Tuesday, November 16.  The Machetes came out amazing!  For those of you who missed them there is a little sneak peak on our Steadfast Brand Store Orlando Facebook page!  A special thanks to the artists who participated:  Ant Iannucci • Natas • Robots Will Kill •  Dan Loose • Vinnie Burkhart • Loo Pimble • Jason Taylor • Ron Lanahan • Nick Stegall • Angelo Nales • Hoffa • L.T. Woods • Brett J Barr • Cristina Garcia • Micheal Banks!!  Click the image below for more pictures from the event and soon they’ll be available online at!

Killer Art Show – Weapon of Choice : Machete!

What started out a project to paint machetes has turned into art that’s TO DIE FOR…

Machetes have been given sent out to artists around the nation to be turned into works of art. Mounting, sculpture, carving, and lights have been added to these deadly weapons and will be available to you starting Tuesday Nov 16.  The show will run from 8pm to midnight and we’ll have FREE snacks and tasty beverages as always, as well as some great pieces for sale from the following artists:

Roman Abrego • Ant Iannucci • Natas • Robots Will Kill • Jason Ackerman • Justin Stephan • Dan Loose Vinnie • Burkhart • Loo Pimble • Jason Taylor • Ron Lanahan • Nick Stegall • Angelo Nales • Hoffa • L.T. Woods • Brett J Barr • Cristina Garcia • Micheal Banks

All remaining pieces will be available for purchase online Wednesday Nov 17 at

Event presented by Steadfast Brand &

Exclusive: After First Post-UFC Victory, Ben Saunders Looks to Battle His Way Back to the Big Show

Released by the UFC in August following back-to-back decision losses against Jon Fitch and Dennis Hallman, TUF 6 welterweight vet Ben Saunders returned to action this Saturday at World Extreme Fighting in Kissimmee, Florida, scoring a dominant first-round submission-via-strikes victory over Elijah Harshbarger. ‘Killa B’ was justifiably amped-up after the win, and spoke to our pal Remington Reed about the fight and his future goals. A couple highlights…

On his recent opponents: “I’ve had some lay-and-prayers jump in there — no offense to them, I’m saying [they had a] great game-plan. Elijah said he was gonna stand and bang with me. We saw real quick that that wasn’t the case. There’s not too many people that might stand and bang with me. The ones that do, I would love to fight you. And I’m just looking to win my way back into the big show, man, UFC. One down, whatever to go. Joe Silva, I love you baby, I’m coming back!”

On his priorities: “To all my fans, thank you so much for sticking by me. I come to bring the fight, man, entertainment is the #1 priority, then is win. Entertainment, then win. But lose is never an option.”

Thank you, Orlando!

You’ve shown us such a warm welcome!  We’d like to give a special thanks to our opening gallery artists Micheal Banks, Maytee Bringas, Loo Pimble, Cristina Garcia, Jason Ackerman, Justin Stephan, Sarah Banks, Gunnar, & Cool-Aid for the amazing pumpkins.  There are a few still available HERE.

We had a great night and loved everyone’s costumes!  Everyone enjoyed the snacks and drinks, new merch in our line by Jime Litwalk & Dave Kruseman, TNS Skateboards, books from Joe Capobianco, Martin LaCasse, Hori Benny, Jeral Tidwell, & Jime Litwalk by Presto Publishing, Limited Edition screenprinted band posters, and Enemy Ink gear!

One of the most looked forward to parts of the night, for us anyhow, was the Violent Games, like – Hatchet Throwing.  Yes…we had hatchets here and a wooden wall set up for everyone to aim at.  In addition, we hacked and smashed several pumpkins throughout the night.

So if you missed it swing by the shop to check out our lastest merch, books, posters, and the remaining art because we have some amazing pieces left!  Also, be sure not to miss our next event “Killer Art Show-Weapon of Choice: Machete”  Tuesday, November 17 8pm-12pm!!!

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