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Love Fast

Love Fast by Graphic Designer aurorawho. This shirt design was reworked from her original piece entitled “Everything is Personal” & the Steadfast Brand Design Team added a little extra touch with Glow-in-the-Dark ink where is says, “steadfast” in white.  The design is feature on a 100% Pre-shrunk Ring-spun Cotton Scoop Neck Tee!love fast steadfast brand aurorawho

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Jime Litwalk Day of the Dead Tiki Design!

This is a design we have wanted to produce for a long time and we are really happy to offer it to you now for pre-sale!  We always had Jime Litwalk in mind for this one and knew that the fusion of the Tiki and Day of the Dead was something never done before and captures two of Jime’s signature styles.  We then took the design back to the Steadfast Brand Design team along with our long time graphic artist collaborator Chris Parks and the final result is exactly what we were going for!

This design will be ready for shipping on September 6th and it is available for purchase now before any store orders are filled!

Jime Litwalk day of the dead Tiki Shirt steadfast brand

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New Gunnar Prints Are In!

Took us long enough!  At long last we got it together and are now releasing the next two prints from Gunnar.  Broken and Suffer the Little Mermaid are both 12″ x 16″ high quality archival ink prints on (say what rebel says about the paper here) by Rebel Reprints.  Please check out all the rest of Gunnar’s prints here! Gunnar has always been involved in Steadfast Brand and we are always happy bring you his unique artwork.  - under the artwork-  Visit Gunnar’s website at to see his stunning tattoos and other art projects!

dead bird birthday hat suffer the little mermaid message in a bottle steadfast brand gunnar gaylord art painting

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“A Novel Idea ?” The Art of Dave Fox

Dave Fox’s particular brand of Saturday Morning psychosis is on parade for all to behold. Dark subject matter with a soft underbelly matches wits against cuddly characters with black hearts. One of the most unique artists working today, Dave’s stories unfold on page with twists and turn and unexpected results. This brand new volume focuses on the truly original paintings of artist Dave Fox. Hardcover 9″ x 12″, 235 full color pages.“…these paintings are my story. This is my novel.” -Dave Fox

A Novel Idea ? The Art of Dave Fox steadfast brand bookA Novel Idea ?“ is available NOW at Steadfast Brand

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Diamond Inkwell Tee is here!

We at Steadfast Brand are very proud to announce the arrival of our newest design: Inkwell

Diamond inkwell steadfast brand design clothing

The Diamond Inkwell is the signature mark of Ink is Thicker Than Blood & showcased in this design collaborating with Steadfast Brand.  The inkwell is source of all things artistic, whether your ink is for tattooing, illustrating, drawing, writing, printing, etc!  Ink is a vital tool in showing the world our creativity.  Through honor and loyalty we stay Steadfast in our endeavor and keeping close our chosen family — our friends, who teach us that sometimes, Ink is Thicker Than Blood.

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Official Killer Art Show Tee

Steadfast Brand’s Killer Art Show official tee is the culmination of our Killer Art Show four part event. Our first show featured artwork on machetes and from seeing the sneak peek in this tee there are more gnarly objects to come!

Killer art show tee steadfast brand


Sometimes nothing is more real about the brand, than the name itself.   So here is the “I Am Steadfast” design.  We are really happy about this one and hope it’s meaning defines you as well!

I am steadfast brand clothingI Am Steadfast” distressed design with Danny Knight tattoo machine silhouettes.

Steadfast Brand Stick-n-Pic Contest!

Steadfast Brand sticker/contest!  This is a 10″x 4″ vinyl sticker available for purchase at our website NOW!

Steadfast Brand Logo Vinyl Sticker

With this comes a contest that can get you some FREE Steadfast Brand schwag.  Here’s the deal: Order the sticker take a picture of the placement (on a car, boat, baby whatever), email it to or post it directly to our facebook page and you are entered to win!  We’ll select one random winner EVERY ten entries, so get at it and good luck!

sticker contest steadfast Brand

Philadelphia Eddie And Timmy B. Books Are In!

Starting as a teenager on Coney Island, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie has been a part of the transition of tattooing from its early days, first as a social taboo, then subject to prohibition, up until today, where we find tattooing as a legitimate form self expression and art. Crazy Philadelphia Eddie has been there practicing his art, fighting for the legitimacy of tattooing as an art form and industry. This is the story of his life and times, and the story of Tattooing in America, and what it took for us as a society to get from there to here.The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia EddieVolume 3 steadfast brand booksVolumes 1-3 Available

We just got another batch of  Timmy B’s sketch books back in! These have been a great seller for us to artists, shops and collectors alike. Grab yours now!

"Sketchbook Volume 1" Illustrations by Timmy B steadfast brand books

Available Now!

Be Steadfast–Follow No One.

We’re proud to announce the release of our newest men’s design: Follow No One.

Steadfast Brand Shirt Follow No One Wolf

The “Follow No One” concept was inspired by our design team and a wolf image by tattoo artist Jason Kelly.  Together with graphic designer Chris Parks, a revised wolf head image of the Jason Kelly original was born. This is what we at the Steadfast Brand Design Team love best: great concepts alongside amazing work from artists in multiple genres!  This design is printed on a 100% Ringspun Cotton Tubular Men’s Tee.

You can be the first to get one of these by heading here over to OR grab one from us at the Atlanta Tattoo Arts Festival this weekend!

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